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Rotarians at work

Community Easter Egg Hunt April 17th, 2022

Community Easter Egg Hunt: This was a fun event, spouses, kids, grand kids and great grand kids invited. The event will be hiding thousands of plastic eggs with candy, money, and other prizes.

The Mills family teamed up with other Pahrump families to arrange live music, an uplifting service, Easter egg hunt, crafts, face painting, bounce house and more. Free hot dogs and soft drinks. 

Rotary joined with several service groups to put on this Community Easter Egg Hunt. We served up our famous hot dogs along with chips and water, which was donated to Rotary by Valley Electric, to around  800 kids and their  families, at Simkins Park.  Rotary purchased all the hot dogs, buns, chips, water and condiments

From the desk of Ellen Arntz: Its that time of year to kick off our Act Of Kindness Program. At the first meeting in December, Rotary gift cards for Smiths in Pahrump on Rt160, were given out to the members of the Pahrump Valley Rotary Club. Their assignment is to give out these cards at smiths between now and just before Christmas for those in need. This is our  annual act of kindness program that Rotarians do with joy in their hearts. Here are some of the happy recipients being given  $75.00 gift cards for the Rotary’s Random Acts of Kindness

As I was driving towards Las Vegas to reach the Galleria Mall in Henderson to attend and experience my first Santa Clothes Program, I was thinking about how much excitement there would be for the kids and volunteers; sure enough, as I walked into J C PENNEY, I saw hundreds of kids and volunteers getting ready to start the Christmas shopping experience, which included a trip to UNLV for food and to meet the athletes and coaches of UNLV. While waiting in line to be assigned a needy child, I saw joy and excitement in everyone there. Once assigned a needy child the volunteers shopped all thru the clothing and shoe departments in the store. The program allows each child to select clothes or shoes they wanted and looked for up to $215.00. I thought to myself this was a real "Rotary moment" for me to watch Rotary helping those in need. I truly feel the Santa Clothes shopping experience was excitement for the students and assisted parents at the same time to help clothe their kids for Christmas. I would recommend to the Pahrump Rotary Club to join the program for next year and help the needy kids in Pahrump to have this same experience
Eddie Williams

The Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley rented the Pahrump Community swimming pool for the whole month of July. More than 4,200 kids and adults alike enjoyed the cool waters of our local pool for free. This is just the latest project our local Rotary Club has done for the community. In our blistering heat of this summer, they provided $2,600 in funds for free swimming at the community pool. Our local Rotary Club has 33 members who contribute hundreds of hours in local projects such as providing free swimming, building wheelchair ramps for disabled veterans and seniors, providing funds for school supplies for students, supporting local food drives, and many more projects throughout the year ————————————————–. Article by Guy Piersall and PVTimes

9/11 remembrance


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