November 19, 2022

Pahrump Valley Rotary second ramp build of the year was for a family from California who moved to Pahrump 6 years ago. Their son Damian was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy at the age of one. Damian has had several surgeries including his eyes , legs and leg extension to help him cope with the handicap. Their currant ramp is too steep and in disrepair for his mother, brother and grandmother to safely move Damian in and out of the house. Damian, now 20, goes to Pahrump High School as a super senior where he receives physical  therapy,  sells coffee to raise funds for school trips, is developing a home business making snow globs, loves working with his hands and has a very solid outlook of life. Damian feels normal and has experienced surfing and playing t-ball in little league, loves to watch super hero movies and can use a tablet. Rotary has also invited Damian to join interact and their activities in raising funds and developing into young civic minded adults.

OCTOBER 22, 2022

After a long and hot summer off, Rotarians of the Pahrump Valley Rotary have restarted the Ramp Program.  The first ramp of the season. This ramp is being built for a Pahrump resident in need of a ramp with pending back surgery which will  assist her in the ability to get in and out of her home.

Ramp Build Apr 9, 2022

Once again Rotary step to the plate and helped a veteran in need of a Ramp. 

The Ramp was completed this date for Donald and Mary Morgan. Donald i a 20 + year Vet with time in both the Army and Navy In addition spent 20 years serving the community of Las Vegas as an equipment operator. Mary and Donald have lived in Pahrump for 23 years Mary working in Walmart. They also have a granddaughter in the army. Recently Donald had a server health episode which has made walking difficult and in need of a ramp. 


Donald and Mary Morgan
Finished Ramp
Las Vegas Awards
Grand daughter
Our Project Leaders
Craftsmen Bill Austin
Rotarians at work
Rotarians at work
The Ramp Project

march 12, 2022

We had a small but mighty group help out with the ramp build this past weekend. Thanks go out to Bill, Dave, Cecilia, George, Linda, Jeffrey, Dee, & Barbara. We split up and built the ramp pictured and an additional ramp, a few blocks away, got a new deck and paint. The first house also got some yard cleanup. This was two veterans that were both very appreciative.

February 5, 2022

  • Another successful ramp built for a veteran in need. Thanks to all Rotarians who came out to build the ramp. Special thanks to the  husband of Deborah Beatty, who volunteered to assist his Rotary Wife.  

Rotary in action, with only 7 Rotarians this Ramp was built on Oct 16, 2021,in 2.5 hours for Erin and Betty Dwelle. Betty is wheelchair bound and Erin has had two heart attacks.  

From the desk of VP Barbara: With the help of Ellen and Rebecca the three of us completed the Perferred RV ramp with paint. And Saturday our first ramp of 2022 was completed by Bill, Dave, Cecilia, Ellen, Sharry, Gunny, Jeff and myself. Check out our pics below and on Facebook.
No records were broke today but the wind was quite a challenge. Our Rotary symbol is now attached to all ramps built in the future

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